An IT audit is, first of all, an assessment of conditions and diagnostics of information technologies in your company, how much they meet the requirements of your business.
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Why is the audit conducted?

Of course, IT audit helps to find opportunities to spend less on IT, without compromising business processes.

IT audit is also the first and mandatory step in developing a strategy for the development of a company’s information system. The lack of a quality audit, first of all, hides from the head of the company a real picture of the current state of IP (information system), therefore, it does not make it possible to make the right, economically viable decisions on its change and development.

Why do you need an IT audit? It is needed if:

  • You do not understand why you spend so much money on IT and whether it is possible to painlessly reduce these costs;
  • It is necessary to find where you are now losing money due to the poor quality work of IT specialists;
  • It is necessary to evaluate the criticality of IT services for your business;
  • You want to find out WHAT is wrong in your information system;
  • You just want to evaluate the current state of the information system.

Information Evaluation Criteria:


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Stages of conducting an IT audit by ASAP DEMO:

At the initial stage, specialists pay special attention to the research, collection and systematization of objective information about technical and software support, electronic document management, communications, data protection, etc. Here are implemented measures for questioning the customer’s employees. The questionnaire allows you to identify both gaps in the training of employees, as well as functional and user flaws in the system.

The second stage is a set of analytical procedures that allow you to prepare reports, recommendations and a list of specific activities for hardware and software improvement of the IT system, eliminating all shortcomings and errors in the configuration.


What can be understood from the results of the IT audit?

The immediate results of the IT audit are a report on the current state of the studied areas, as well as conclusions and recommendations on the need to develop or modernize existing information and engineering systems. The expected results in the long term are an increase in the return on investment in IT, a reduction in the timing of the introduction of new technologies and systems, and an improvement in the quality of decision making.

As we mentioned above, conducting an IT audit allows you to obtain the characteristics of all existing IT systems and IT processes. Therefore, upon completion of the audit, it becomes clear:

  • How satisfied are end users / managers with the state and functionality of IT systems
  • how efficiently new technologies are introduced in the company;
  • the level of readiness of IT systems for changes in the company’s business processes;
  • how the work of the IT department is organized, who is responsible for what in practice;
  • How is the quality control of IT systems;
  • whether the work of the IT department is consistent with the business goals of the company;
  • how cooperation with suppliers / contractors is built;
  • How is the IT budget formed?
  • what is the essence of the company’s information security policy, how is it followed;
  • what works are carried out to protect the security of information, etc.

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