A set of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

Security. We will offer the industry’s best security system that protects against attacks and provides fast recovery from planned outages and unforeseen situations.

ИТ решения для бизнеса от атак

The sharp increase in the number of cyberattacks is alarming to corporations and governments around the world. State IT infrastructures are attacked, as well as small, medium, and large businesses to shut down systems and paralyze efforts to ensure national security. Sophisticated hackers attack corporations to steal intellectual property or customer data, as well as extort money for non-disclosure of this information. Distributed DDoS attacks (denial of service) and other traditional attack options quickly change to more treacherous ones.

The question is not whether your data center will be attacked, but when. If hacking IT infrastructure can be inevitable, the damage from this hacking can be completely avoided.

An organization’s attack process can be broken down into four distinct phases:

  • Conducting intelligence – determining the goal. Finding obvious weaknesses to take advantage of. Attack planning (DDoS, phishing email, etc.).
  • Hacking – send a phishing email message. mail. Introducing malware through USB or other means. Perform a DDoS attack.
  • Receiving a plane / control channel – entering a malicious program into the environment through various methods.
  • Implementation of the plan – loading. Encryption. Removal. Violation of work.

Despite the fact that there is no panacea that can protect your data center, there are companies that have found some server platforms that use mechanisms that provide high levels of protection. ASAP DEMO specialists will find a solution for your business.

Office technical equipment that facilitates and speeds up paperwork, as well as administrative and managerial activities. Office equipment has become a significant source of technical innovation and is gaining rapid development.

Correct and ergonomic workplace equipment with computer equipment is really important. By introducing a new technique, you not only take care of the personnel who spend most of their life in front of the monitors, but also accelerate the process of work.

The range of equipment that we supply includes:

  • Computer equipment (PCs, laptops, monoblocks, nettops, tablets, accessories)
  • Presentation and interactive equipment (projectors, screens, interactive whiteboards)
  • Network equipment (routers, switches, access points, IP-telephony)
  • Equipment for conference calls (of any complexity)
  • Office equipment (MFPs, printers, supplies)

For effective work, it is important to choose an MFP with fast and high-quality printing for an adequate budget. It is correct to determine which type of print is better and how to service it selected in the future. We can also offer secure MFPs with print control to reduce costs.

МФУ для офиса

An individual approach to the choice: nettop, candy bar or laptop. There will be many nuances in choosing … The importance of monitor rotation, a good screen, the number of ports, stylish, etc. For the corporate segment, a mandatory point is the high quality of materials, the wear resistance of hinges, speed in work and of course the price!

ASAP DEMO partners are global companies, A-brands. Therefore, our technical engineers will select high-quality, official, wear-resistant, as well as stylish computer equipment for your office.

cloud for business

Cloud solutions allow you to implement an extensive list of tasks for small and medium-sized businesses. There are more than enough offers on the cloud market. The main question for customers: how to choose the right cloud for data storage? And where to start?

Choosing this step is the right direction. But how to achieve flexibility and cost-effectiveness of applications, while not investing in your own IT infrastructure?

It’s important not to try to switch the entire infrastructure to cloud technology. There is a chance that the project will be too large or complicated to feel the beauty of using the cloud. However, if you transfer just a couple of servers, the cloud economy probably will not work. You need to study and understand how the cloud solutions economy works. After all, this is not only a technological solution, but also a financial instrument. With proper use, it will allow the company to really save.

Today, there are three main types of services that cloud solution centers offer:

  • software. The user selects the necessary cloud software solutions for his needs;
  • infrastructure. The consumer uses a full-fledged virtual server model for data processing and storage, and it is also possible to create their own networks and communication channels for their business or private needs;
  • platform. A person is provided with a virtual environment for developing and testing their own applications remotely using special tools that support the necessary programming languages.

ASAP DEMO technical specialists will analyze and advise, for the correct calculation and economic benefits of using the cloud for your business.

Our cloud solutions are the best deal for your company.

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