A set of solutions for education

Computerization of education is a dictate of the time, and the question of whether or not to introduce a computer to educational institutions has long been resolved positively. Such concepts as computer literacy and information culture have appeared, which suggest that the computer will become an everyday technical tool at work, at home, in the learning process.

The computer in the field of education performs various functions:


as a subject of study
as a tool in the educational process
as a component of the pedagogical management system
as a component of educational institution management
as a means of scientific and pedagogical activity


ASAP DEMO company collaborates with many world-class brands that have been successfully implementing computer technology for schools, universities and other educational institutions for more than a year. Among them: Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo and others. The catalog of these companies has many products designed specifically for children and teachers. Namely: all-in-ones, PCs, laptops, nettops and tablets.

Class management systems are various software programs that help the teacher organize work in the classroom using personal computers or tablets.

Classroom management software can be installed on desktop computers or laptops as well as on tablet computers. It is necessary that not only the teacher, but also each student should be equipped with a device where the same software is installed for the whole class. You will also need a fairly fast local area network.

Nowadays, there are many systems in the classroom management software market – from free products with limited functionality to software with great features.

Effective organization of the educational process using software allows you to spend less time managing the educational process and more actively use new pedagogical technologies in teaching students.

Classroom manager helps teachers solve the following problems:


Share or showcase content
Track lesson information that is easy to collect and save
Use time efficiently with easy access to materials
Monitor students and help them focus

GeoGebra is a dynamic math software for all levels of education, including geometry, algebra, tables, graphs, statistics and arithmetic, in one easy-to-use package.

First of all, Geogebra is designed to solve the problems of the school course of geometry: in it you can create all kinds of constructions from points, vectors, segments, lines, build graphs of elementary functions that can also be dynamically changed by varying some parameter included in the equation, and also build perpendicular and parallel to a given straight line, mid-perpendiculars, bisectors of angles, tangents, determine lengths of segments, areas of polygons, etc.



Using the GeoGebra program in the lessons allows you to:

  • optimize the educational process, more rationally using time at various stages of the lesson;
  • implement a differentiated approach to learning;
  • carry out individual work using personal computers;
  • reduce emotional stress in the lesson, introducing an element of the game into it;
  • expand the horizons of students;
  • contributes to the development of cognitive activity of students.



Interactive whiteboards and projectors for the school are, of course, the necessary equipment for the modern educational process. With this technique, training is more interesting and information is perceived much easier.

An interactive whiteboard for a school looks like a regular marker, but it connects to a computer using wires or wirelessly at 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth. Special software is installed on the computer, thanks to which the interactive whiteboard turns into a full-fledged data input device. Now everything that will be written or drawn on the surface of an interactive school board will be displayed on a computer screen. And the image from the computer screen using the connected projector will be projected onto its surface. The resulting interactive system provides users with unlimited opportunities for demonstrating presentations and conducting lessons, trainings, and training seminars. Using the school interactive whiteboard in the lesson gives the teacher many advantages that make it more effective and interesting for students.

Lingua-phone rooms are classes or classrooms equipped with language systems (audio, video and multimedia) for modern education.

For the equipment of such cabinets, an ordinary computer class is suitable.

Modern Lingua-phone rooms are easy to use, which does not require additional training of the staff serving the language lab, additional knowledge of teachers and students.

Working in a Lingua-phone room is an interactivity and visualization that turns learning into a fascinating, interesting game. In such Lingua-phone room, you can simultaneously study completely different subjects and use any training programs. To do this, simply download the necessary software to the computer.

Lingua-phone room equipment. (tape recorders, electrophones, an amplifier for a microphone-telephone headset installed in the workplace of students, etc.) allows the teacher:

  • To organize and control the independent work of each student with individual educational material.
  • Include several curricula at the same time – for certain groups of students.
  • Connect students in pairs for dialogs and engage in their own conversations.
  • Record and reproduce student speech.
  • Comment on sound recordings, movies and more.


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