A set of solutions for healthcare and medicine

Telemedicine is a medical field with IT solutions. Namely, a set of actions, technologies and measures used in the provision of medical care using remote communications through electronic messaging (in cases where distance is a critical factor).
телемедицина решения

Areas of use:

Remote diagnostics:

  • Making a primary diagnosis remotely using as a specialist operator non-medical specialization, or unskilled personnel;
  • Confirmation of the primary diagnosis by a more experienced specialist, or a specialized specialist.

Remote Consulting:

  • Confirmation of the diagnosis by the specialized medical center, appointment and correction of treatment, confirmation of indications for hospitalization
  • Getting patient advice honey. specialist of his clinic, his country, in his native language, etc.
  • Conducting a preoperative examination at a local medical center under the supervision of a specialist from the central specialized medical center;

Remote Monitoring:

  • Remote monitoring of the patient’s condition in the postoperative period or during the rehabilitation period.

Home Telemedicine:

  • Initial admission, diagnosis, observation of the patient without leaving the call.

Emergency Medicine:

  • Providing qualified medical care in places of the National Assembly, sorting patients, assessing the severity of the lesion in severe temporary conditions from an unprepared place.
    Решения для медицины

Remote Operation:

  • Remote surgical operations by a highly qualified surgeon.

Distance training of staff (doctors):

  • Continuing education and training of medical personnel.

Clinical TelePresence System Cisco

The Clinical TelePresence System is an ergonomic and high-tech device that allows you to receive expert advice from medical specialists, regardless of the location of the patients. For maximum comfort of using the system, individual settings can be entered into it. The Clinical Presence system was developed by doctors and for doctors, it can be configured in accordance with the requirements and wishes of users, changing, adding or deleting a variety of parameters.

A telemedicine product that allows patients to receive professional advice from specialist doctors. You can enter individual settings for the system to work. The new device delivers high-definition video technology in a portable, user-friendly package. Facilitates communication between patients who are distant from specialized doctors.

Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical

Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical Mobile Video System. Due to its unique size it can be used in almost any environment. The anti-vandal case is made specially to be independent of weather conditions, as well as even the most extreme. The system is designed to meet the needs for emergency video communications of military units of rescue services and doctors.

Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical is equipped with an integrated multi-point video conferencing server (MultiSite), which allows you to connect up to three remote users simultaneously.

The device is easy to configure and manage, with an anti-glare screen and good resolution. In addition, you can connect a microphone, an additional monitor and a camera.

We can also offer a lot of solutions for healthcare and medicine for remote work. For example, from a line of equipment that is designed for telemetric measurement of vital signs of patients. Converting information into a digital form and transmitting it via the Internet to an outpatient clinic or specialized medical care institution for its further processing, entering it into an electronic medical record and telemedicine consultation.

As part of the complex:

  panoramic digital video camera;
digital video dermatoscope;
vital signs monitor with digital interface (temperature, pressure, SpO2, heart rate);
12-channel digital interface electrocardiograph;


In addition, not less important – Telecard.

This device is intended for registration and transmission of ECG. It supports and can transmit data over any communication channels, including standard telephone lines, mobile communication channels, radio communication channels of any range, DECT telephone channels, mobile Internet channels of any generation.

The problem of our country is that in remote settlements there are few or no elementary ambulances. Thus, at least the above medical solutions can be applied not only to paramedics, but also independently at home. If necessary, with the help of telemedicine and its peripheral devices, any citizen (s) can contact a doctor and transmit the necessary data about the state of health. Elementary care for yourself and your loved ones.

Operating telemedicine equipment is a big step into the future. After all, first of all, this step to a meeting with students, with future doctors. The quality of video recording, properly positioned cameras for a complete overview, installation and all equipment with hidden wiring – all this and even more require a correct and professional solution.
оборудование операционной

To equip the operating room with telemedicine is intellectual work. Take real experience. Even when they were convinced that everything was done correctly and by standards … Faced with such a problem, the light power of the operating lamps illuminate the cameras of the working field built into the operating lamp. And to solve this problem, several specialists from different industries were needed. There is a solution, and it is unique.

One of the most important values is the protection of information and databases.
Защита информации и баз данных

It is important to understand how important confidential security is and to whom this information can still be useful. It can be clients, employees, insurance or competitors, and in the competitors section we will include a large list of ill-wishers. And the consequences can be serious.

Therefore, it is very important to correctly approach the protection of information and databases. We offer a range of solutions to ensure the security of information stored in databases, as well as their confidentiality and integrity.

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