How to choose a processor? What to look for?

The processor is a key link in the composition of a modern computer. If earlier all the tasks that he performed were processing commands and services of the operating system, now much more is required of him. The gaming industry has developed significantly in the modern world: there are projects that can use a large number of cores and threads. As for working applications, they have also changed and now require more serious computing power.

On the one hand, choosing an office, home, or gaming processor is not such a difficult question. However, you definitely need to determine your needs, navigate a little in the characteristics and price ranges. Therefore, it’s worth a little understanding of this issue so as not to overpay too much and understand which processor is better to buy for your purposes.

Let’s deal with this issue together. There will not be a comparison of processors, substantive recommendations, we only focus on the overall picture of the processor market in 2020 and give some tips on what to look for when choosing.

Overall computer performance

processorMany believe that the processor does not greatly affect the overall power of the PC. However, it is indeed a key link among all components. After all, it is useless to have a high-speed SSD if you have a dual-core processor. In this case, you simply will not feel the gain from the fast drive due to the fact that such a CPU is not able to process even the simplest commands quickly. The same goes for the visual part: for example, what’s the point of a high-performance video card if your PC freezes constantly. Therefore, absolutely in any tasks a powerful processor is required, other components only complement it.

How is the processor arranged?

If we analyze the physical structure of the CPU, then this is what it consists of:

  • Cover that protects the inner crystal and other elements
  • Nucleus
  • Substrate to which all parts are attached
  • Cache memory
  • Socket – a socket with which the processor is attached to the motherboard.

Number of Cores

If we differentiate between the number of cores in different segments, then the budget ones will receive about 2-4 cores, the middle segment – 6-8, and the premium – 8-16 cores. There is an idea that the more cores – the better. However, there is one nuance in this matter: programs that do not know how to distribute the load among the cores will work faster on a dual-core processor with a higher clock speed than on a 4-core processor, but with a lower frequency. Based on this, the clock frequency is not the main indicator in determining the processor performance. It is impossible to unequivocally answer which frequency is better, however, time and market still dictate their own rules and standards. Therefore, the optimal clock speed is considered to be at least 3 GHz with a 4-thread processor.

Type and frequency of supported RAM

The frequency of RAM also affects the speed of the PC. The higher this indicator (measured in megahertz), the faster the information is transmitted for processing. However, considering the issue of RAM, you need to keep in mind the characteristics of not only the processor, but also the motherboard. The supported frequency and type of RAM must match both the CPU and the system board.

What is not worth paying attention to?

intel-amdFor many, the determining factor when choosing a processor is their manufacturer. Someone prefers the processors of one company, someone else. The main competitors in this area are Intel and AMD. When comparing processors with the same frequency and number of cores, Intel wins. However, AMD wins the price / quality ratio.

Therefore, if there is a question about which processor to choose, it makes no sense to doubt, you need to look at the quality characteristics and price, and not the logo printed on the processor.

General recommendations for choosing a processor

  • Decide what tasks your processor will perform. If in normal mode you have about two resource-intensive programs working, then it is better to buy a 2-core processor with a high frequency. If you use many programs at the same time, it is better to buy a multi-core processor of the same architecture, even if the frequency in it is lower.
  • If you need a PC not for sophisticated games, then you can save on the purchase of a video card by purchasing a hybrid processor (with a built-in video card)
  • Do not chase new products, they are usually only 10-20 percent faster than their predecessors. And this is almost imperceptible in everyday work, but they are much more expensive, and sometimes also require replacing the motherboard.
  • When choosing a powerful CPU, consider that the power of your power supply is sufficient based on the power consumption of the processor and the entire system unit as a whole.

Our technicians can approach the issue of choosing a processor more individually.


Cisco Duo Security – Secure Access During Remote Work

In today’s environment, when many employees are working remotely, it is important for organizations to identify users and verify the security of their devices before opening access to various corporate applications and services. The Duo Security solution can help.

Duo Security is a developer of authentication systems that Cisco officially acquired in 2018. Thus, Duo’s CEO and his team have joined the Cisco network technology and security business.

Duo Security Solutions verifies the identity of users and the status of their devices before giving them access to applications. This helps prevent cyber security breaches. Integrating Cisco systems with zero-confidence Duo authentication products helps Cisco customers easily and securely connect users to any application on any network device.

Why is Duo Security useful?

duo-securityWe live in an era of access, and the cybersecurity industry is severely disrupted. Business-critical confidential data is now available to customers, partners, and employees who do not always use secure networks. And during the quarantine period, the probability of using such networks becomes even greater.

Duo Security products help you connect and use digital features securely.

Duo Security is:

  • Secure access.

The program will detect infections on third-party devices even before they are connected. This is an easy-to-use protection that allows you to do exactly what has real meaning.

  • Verified users.

Two-factor authentication of all users will help determine the truth of their identity. Also, such authentication provides the opportunity to introduce the most stringent policies regarding the availability of data for each employee.

  • Scan device.

Another feature of DUO protection is to check the user’s device for old software and missing security protocols.

  • All applications and data are protected.

No matter where your data is located, in the cloud or on a physical server, it will always be protected by malicious influences.

  • One authorization

Using Single sign-on (SSO) technology, logging in for each employee will be as simple as possible. Logging in to the system will be enough once to ensure constant access to any application of the enterprise.

  • Ubiquitous access.

During remote work, when all employees use their own devices to access the applications of their organization, this function becomes more popular and useful. They can access data from anywhere.


Additional Duo features for administrator convenience and increased resource access protection:

  • Custom Self Service
  • Geographic Filters
  • Deny access to anonymous networks
  • Block or grant IP access
  • Ability to set individual authentication requirements for users with the highest level of access.
  • Control the level of protection of mobile devices on which the Duo Mobile application is installed, from viruses and the possibility of hacking.

Duo Security pricing depends on the number of features available. Despite the fact that Duo tariffs cannot be called cheap, in comparison with their large competitors (RSA, Vasco, Gemalto, etc.), their pricing policy is quite acceptable and consistent with its functionality. Learn more about this solution from our specialists.


Poor wifi speed? What to do to make the Internet work better?

In the modern world, the information computer network Internet has played a very important role in all spheres of life. He entered our life so tightly and for the majority has become simply necessary. For example, many users work or promote their business through the Internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that to achieve these goals you need a stable high-speed Internet connection, which allows you to work quickly without delay and damage to business.

скорость интернетаHowever, it is not always possible to achieve maximum Internet speed, but today it is especially difficult. Due to the forced quarantine in Ukraine, almost all commercial and state institutions transferred their work to a remote mode. Consequently, all those who work at home began to consume more Internet traffic. In addition, all family members were also at home: someone is engaged in distance learning, while someone just watches news or movies. In any case, the network load has increased several times.

Many Internet providers claim that during the quarantine period the amount of data transferred has increased by about 4 times. Therefore, companies are starting to expand their channels and strengthen their infrastructure.

Why is Wi-Fi slow and how to fix it?

  • Check the specifications of your router.
    Many providers can provide connection speeds of up to 1 Gb / s. However, when choosing such a provider, you must take into account the bandwidth of your home router. He may well not support such a speed. Therefore, before buying a router, you need to make sure that it can provide the maximum speed that the Internet provider promises.
  • Another possible reason for a poor Internet connection may be a speed limit; the provider’s operators could increase it as part of anti-crisis measures. You can ask this question by contacting the support service of your service provider.
  • Wrong location of the Wi-Fi router. If you have thick walls or a large room, then wireless coverage will really be bad. Therefore, try to place the router as close as possible to the place where you most often use the network.
  • Cable is the best solution. We are all accustomed to a wireless connection, because it is convenient and practical. However, if you have to work at home for a long time, and you need Internet speed now, you can lay an Ethernet cable to your workstation and connect your device directly to it.
  • The cause of a slow Internet connection may also be a virus infection on your device, and possibly even only a browser. Therefore, it is worth checking the gadget for viruses and “cleaning” it using anti-virus software such as ESET Nod32, Bitdefender, Avast, etc.
  • Often, poor Internet speeds can be caused by using an outdated version of the browser. Try to update it, or replace it with another.

скорость интернета

How to check the download speed of the home Internet?

  1. First of all, you need to test and compare the speed when connecting to Wi-Fi and directly connecting the cable to your laptop. Thus, you can eliminate the influence of the router on the connection.
  2. When testing the speed, be sure to disable all torrents, downloads, updates, and other programs that use the Internet.
  3. Make sure your device is free of viruses. Check speed also on other devices.
  4. If you can’t fix the problem from the first three points, you should call your Internet service provider and declare that the Internet speed does not match your tariff plan.
  5. If everything works directly when connected directly, it really can be in the router. Then you need to check its settings. Our technical experts can help you with this.

Therefore, a large flow of users, of course, significantly increased traffic and created problems with speed. However, it cannot be ruled out that you are using obsolete or defective equipment, and forced insulation is an excellent reason to replace it.


How to protect confidential data of employees during remote work?

Today, perhaps, one of the most popular issues is the issue of organizing telecommuting, namely the security of employee and company data.

What challenges arise when organizing remote work?

  • Organization of remote access to necessary resources
  • Securing endpoints that access your corporate network
  • Authentication of employees during the organization of access to the corporate network
  • Employee time control
  • Protecting Confidential Data
  • Backup & Restore

One of the most common problems is the protection of confidential information. What could cause a data leak?

  • Employee Mistakes: Lack of Information Security Skills, Device Loss, or Just Carelessness
  • Intentional leaks

dlp-safeticaESET has developed a special solution for protecting confidential data, as well as providing control over the actions of employees that affect their performance of their duties – DLP Safetica.

Now in those companies where DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is not installed, employees can exchange confidential documents through corporate mail, visit social networks, print non-work information on business printers, connect external media and copy information to them. This uncontrolled activity leads to chaos in the workplace, low staff efficiency and an increased risk of data leakage.




How does Safetica work?

This system is a comprehensive protection against internal intruders, which allows you to close the channels of information leakage and regulate the risks associated with the human factor.

Safetica consists of a server part, which includes a server with a management console, a database, an information security officer’s tool, and directly agents that perform the functions of monitoring data leakage and user actions.


What exactly can control Safetica?

It controls all file operations: transfer through cloud-based file-sharing systems and social networks, email, external media, various instant messengers, etc.

How useful is such a solution for each organization?

  • Reduce financial risks (human errors, lost laptops, industrial espionage …)
  • Protect sensitive data (email, external media, internet connection, download, print …)
  • Analyzes user behavior
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, GLBA, ISO / IEC 27001 …)

One of the important benefits of Safetica is its ease and speed of deployment.

System installation is quite simple, in one distribution there are all necessary components. Both manual and automatic installation are possible.


System requirements for the server side (Service Management Safetica 8):

  • Quad-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB of disk space
  • (database + backups) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above, including Express
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

For the client:

  • Dual core processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB of disk space
  • Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and newer Windows

ASAP DEMO is an official partner of ESET. Therefore, we offer our services of implementation and customization of all their software products. To do this, contact us in any way convenient for you.


How to successfully tender under quarantine?

In an environment where all businesses and government agencies are forced to move their jobs remotely, there are more and more questions about how procurement can be successful in such circumstances, and what tools for teleworking will most help?

Can I suspend purchases for quarantine? No, there is no such button in Prozorro. But you can always plan your own procurement plan and decide how much you need them now.

Most customers are accustomed to meeting the tender committee offline and to jointly decide on a particular procurement. Today, everything is possible and even necessary to do online.

For example, if you need to discuss the tender documentation, you can do so in Google Docs or other text editors. Google-Docs has the ability to share text, share comments, or make suggestions for specific changes.

How to review the bids?

Likewise, by email or other messengers, the Tender Committee secretary may inform all other TC members that the Bidder’s proposal is currently being considered and the tender shall be referenced. And each TC member can independently enter the tender card and view the Prozorro Participant’s documents.

If you need to discuss the details of the purchase further, you can create an online appointment on Google Calendar. In addition, there are many remote tools available for video conferencing and calling. Including:

• Microsoft Teams
• Slack
• Discord
• Zoom
• Skype
• and other.

For installation and setup work on these systems, you can contact our technicians and get individual advice.

How does a manager sign a contract?

By agreeing to the terms of the agreement, the Participant may sign it on his / her own behalf and send the courier to your manager or any other authorized person. The Participant then signs the contract and scans or takes a photo of it and sends it to you for publication.
If you did not receive a scanned copy of the contract, but simply photos of different pages of the contract, then translate it into PDF format and prepare for publication.

To publish documents to the system, you do not need to be in your workplace, you can do it anywhere you have Internet access.
If the procurement is handled by an authorized person, it becomes even easier to organize one person’s work. There are many mechanisms in place to help organize remote work and work online. Moreover, such tools will greatly save your time now and save you time in the future.

Therefore, a successful tender under quarantine is possible! And modern remote control solutions and technologies will help you do this.
For more tips on how to arrange your purchase so that it doesn’t break down, check with our specialists.


Nettop Acer Veriton N4660G – the best solution for the corporate and public sectors

The Veriton N computer lineup consists of functional devices designed to be as compact as possible while maintaining high performance in office and corporate tasks.

Analyzing the modern market, we can safely say that the Acer Veriton N4660G is one of the most popular nettops in its niche. More and more users want to buy a compact device that will allow you to work quickly and comfortably.

Key benefits of the Acer Veriton N4660GAcer-Veriton-N4660G

  • Ultra-compact body

The PC will free up space on the table and will be a great addition to any workplace. VESA Mount Kit is a mounting mount that allows you to easily fix the nettop on the back of the monitor, eliminating the need for extra wires.

  • Performance

The performance of this model is provided by powerful desktop processors of the 8th and 9th generation, fast NVMe SSD drives (it is possible to install two such drives at once and an additional HDD) and up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory, which is more than enough to work with documents, browser, use of various applications and storage of a large amount of data.

  • Security

Trusted Platform module provides reliable protection of personal data. A secure cryptographic scheme allows you to save authentication passwords, certificates or encryption keys, and not worry about their security.

  • Expansion options

Thanks to the well-thought-out housing design, you can easily access the hard drive or expand the RAM to the maximum possible 32 GB. To do this, just slide the panel and open the system unit.

  • Efficient cooling

The design of the nettop is optimized so as to avoid overheating of the system as much as possible.

In general, such a PC is a reliable device that will ensure long and stable operation, and will also achieve maximum efficiency in both corporate and state segments.

This model has many configurations, depending on what you can buy Acer Veriton N4660G at a price of 18 000 UAH., With a guarantee of 36 months.

In order to order this nettop, it is enough to contact our technical specialists. We, as an official partner of Acer, will answer all your questions and help you choose the necessary configuration that will meet your budget and requirements.


The virus threatens not only people: we choose protection for Windows

There is a dispute between supporters and opponents of anti-virus programs for PCs and gadgets. A small percentage believes that for the safety of your device it’s enough to be a competent user, not follow dubious links, don’t install unverified software, etc. The main idea of ​​those who are against antiviruses is that modern protection tools are far from ideal and will not always be able to protect your gadget from viruses and malware. In part, they are right, because in most cases the infection of the operating system occurs through stupidity and not caution.

However, we are still supporters of antivirus software and believe that even the most experienced and careful user can make a mistake that will lead to serious problems and viruses.

How do antiviruses work?

The main tasks of antivirus software are to detect malicious code, prevent it from infecting the operating system or files, and restore them after infection.

How to choose the right protection? First of all, you need to decide how exactly you will protect your device: will it be permanent, background and automatic protection, or will it be enough one-time checks in manual mode?

When it comes to full-fledged protection tools, we by default mean primarily paid anti-virus software, which requires installation on a PC and provides constant background monitoring of what is happening in real time.

Below we have described the most popular anti-virus software that provide the best protection for personal data and have many additional useful features.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

bitdefenderThe Romanian company Bitdefender has developed one of the world’s most popular antiviruses, the functionality of which has a complete set of tools to prevent any virus attacks. Such an antivirus has a built-in firewall, intispam and antiphishing functions that block suspicious sites; multi-level protection of personal data and even webcam protection.

Pros of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:

  • Convenient
  • Easy and simple interface
  • Accurate malware detection
  • Strong URL blocking


One of the most relevant antiviruses on the market today. Like its competitors, it is able to effectively counter most of the known cyber threats, including web protection, phishing protection and email protection.

eset-nod32Of the advantages of this software can be identified:

  • Low resource consumption. Compared to its competitors, the ESET application loads the system significantly less, while the scanning speed shows excellent results.
  • Cross-platform. NOD32 versions exist for all known platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X, and even for the Android mobile operating system.
  • ThreatSense technology that allows you to find and neutralize threats that are not even in the signature database.
  • Update distribution system
  • User friendly interface. The structure of the settings menu will make it easy even for a novice to figure out and configure the antivirus software as it sees fit.

Avast Pro Antivirus

avast-pro-antivirusThis product of the Czech company Avast Software back in 2017 became one of the most popular, surpassing all its competitors in many criteria and qualities. Such software can be bought at an affordable price and get reliable protection, practically without loading the processor.

Of the advantages of this antivirus, CyberCapture technology can be noted, which automatically sends unknown files found by the user to the laboratory, which contributes to the most rapid update of virus signatures.




Each of the above anti-virus programs has its pros and cons for specific tasks and goals. That is why our technical experts will help you figure out which software is best suited for your device. Contact us in any way convenient for you.


Microsoft has announced an update to Office 365 – Microsoft 365 with new applications and features

Microsoft has announced a new subscription, which, in essence, is a rebranding of Office 365, but includes several new features and benefits.
The subscription is presented in two versions – Personal and Family, they will be available to users from April 21 this year. Existing Office 365 Personal and Home subscribers will be automatically migrated to Microsoft 365 with the release of new versions in April.

New Microsoft Editor

Microsoft 365 Subscription includes the new Microsoft Editor. The application has received new features and has become available as an extension of the Edge browser.
Thanks to the artificial intelligence that underlies Microsoft Editor, it is a set of tools that help with grammar and provide recommendations as you type. In addition, the editor supports more than 20 languages ​​and can be used in Word, Outlook, Edge and Google Chrome.
Microsoft Editor is available to everyone who has a Microsoft account, however, subscribers to the new Microsoft 365 will be able to use the editor with more advanced grammatical and stylistic improvements.

Updated PowerPoint Presenter Coach Feature

Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to take advantage of the new PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature, which uses artificial intelligence to listen to the tone of your voice and provide real-time feedback with suggestions and tips on how to better write sentences and phrases.

Money in Excel

Money-in-ExcelThis function should greatly simplify financial management. It allows you to link bank accounts and credit card data so that Excel collects important data on income and expenses in a table and provides personalized financial analytics.
Money in Excel is an exclusive Microsoft 365 feature that will only be available on a paid basis.


In addition, Microsoft 365 includes premium templates, fonts, and icons. For example, PowerPoint Designer will automatically create a presentation design using more than 300 new templates, 8000 images, looping videos, fonts and icons, while ensuring the presentation is unique.


Microsoft is also currently working on upgrading the Microsoft Teams enterprise application. Today, it is a necessary application for remote teamwork, which allows you to chat, make calls, conduct video conferences and use other features for remote work in one application.
microsoft-teamsUpdated Teams will allow you to create groups to plan trips, create a schedule of events. Also, it will be possible to unite in group chats, conduct video calls, together make lists of tasks and set tasks for individuals. In addition, Teams will add tools for storing important information.

We, as an official Microsoft partner, will be happy to help you with the implementation and configuration of any cloud products or company updates. Contact us in any way convenient for you.


Who is the authorized person under the new version of the Law on Public Procurement?

Due to the amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement (No. 1076), customers are increasingly asked questions about the activities of authorized persons.

We will remind, according to the new edition “tender committees” will be liquidated from January, 1st, 2022, and responsible for carrying out of purchase already appoint “authorized persons” already. Such an innovation is one of the tools for professionalization of public procurement.

Who is the “authorized person” and what are his / her responsibilities?

The AP is an official or other person who is an employee of the customer and is responsible for organizing and carrying out procurement procedures in accordance with applicable law. It is appointed by the customer by:

• Providing an employee of an existing state with the functions of an authorized person as additional duties with the appropriate additional payment;
• Conclusion of an employment agreement in accordance with the law
• Entering into the staffing list of the individual position, which will be the responsibility of the AP.

Who can be an authorized person?

Can the AP be the head of the department, chief accountant, director, etc.? Yes, they can all get the responsibilities of an authorized person by placing additional responsibility on them. However, they must have a college degree, usually a law or economics degree.
In addition, the APs must confirm their level of knowledge required to work with public procurement on the web site of the Authorized Body through free testing.

The contracting authority is also entitled to appoint several authorized persons, provided that each of them will be responsible for the organization and conduct of specific procurement procedures.

The exceptions that may not be appointed by the AP are officials, representatives of the procurement participants, as well as people’s deputies of Ukraine, deputies of city, district and regional councils.

Responsibilities of the authorized person

The duties of the authorized person include the disclosure of complete and accurate information about the purchase of Prozorro. It will be her responsibility to complete the annual plan in the public procurement system.
AP is obliged to act in the interests of the Customer and to ensure fair and objective procurement procedures.

Accordingly, the authorized person:

• Organizes and conducts procurement procedures
• Forms an annual plan in Prozorro
• Performs the functions of compiling, submitting and storing public procurement documents

zakon-ukrainyIn case of violation of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”, the authorized person incurs personal responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

In general, the AP does the same thing as the tender committee, but does everything individually and accordingly is responsible for its decisions.

Thus, the introduction of a profile position increases the efficiency of procurement and reduces the risk of unsuccessful procurement procedures.
If you still have questions about the activities of authorized persons, please contact us and get detailed advice on this innovation.
You can read about these and other changes in the law on public procurement here:


Acer ConceptD CP7 Professional Monitor. Who is useful?

At the end of 2019, the world-famous company Acer introduced its line ConceptD of professional solutions for graphics and design . It includes not only laptops and desktops, but also monitors, one of which we will now consider.

The main characteristics of the monitor that are interesting for all experienced users are: high-quality color reproduction, high detail, high refresh rate and various options that provide comfort and convenience, as well as the ability to connect to any modern systems.

The 27-inch Acer ConceptD CP7 monitor, which is designed specifically for professionals in the field of graphics and design, meets all these requirements. That is why it has high-quality color reproduction with maximum coverage of Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 color spaces, accurate factory calibration of the screen, support for 4K resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate.


ConceptD-monitor-CP7The monitor design is made in an unusual style. The front is a matte black panel with small black plastic frames. The stand is a silver leg in the form of a cylinder, which is fixed to the base, covered with a film that imitates the texture of the tree. This stand allows you to adjust the screen height above the table level, the angle of inclination, as well as rotate the screen left and right.
For maximum comfort during work, a special hood can be attached to the monitor, which helps to focus on work and not be distracted by external light sources. In addition, the monitor is equipped with a built-in light sensor that measures brightness and automatically adjusts the screen backlight so that the user does not strain his eyesight.

Color rendering

For professional work with graphics and video, the color accuracy of the monitor is very important. Therefore, in the ConceptD CP7, manufacturers have done everything to ensure that it is as accurate and natural as possible.
This monitor has received Pantone Validated certification, which means that the colors that the user sees on the screen will be 100% identical to the colors on the print. This characteristic is simply necessary for those who work with printing products.
Acer ConceptD CP7 supports the use of three-dimensional conversion tables (3D LUT) to efficiently match different color spaces and achieve maximum color accuracy in any environment.

Maximum detail

The 27-inch Acer ConceptD CP7 IPS screen supports state-of-the-art 4K resolution, and VESA Certified DisplayHDR 1000 is responsible for the contrast and clarity of the picture. It allows you to increase the maximum screen brightness to 1000 nits and preserve full detail of the darkest and most illuminated areas of the image.

ConceptD_CP7Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size: 27 ”
Maximum Resolution: (4K UHD) 3840 x 2160 @ 120 Hz
Screen Format: 16: 9
Contrast Ratio: 1,000: 1
Response Time: 4ms GTG
Acceleration Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
Brightness: 600 cd / m² – Own, 1000 cd / m² – Peak (in HDR mode)
Backlight: LED
Viewing angles: 178 ° Horizontal, 178 ° Vertical
Stand: Tilt (-5 ° ~ 35 °), Height adj (180 mm)
Speakers: 2 x 4 W
Ports and Connectors: HDMI®, 1x HDMI®-in, 1x DisplayPort
Color: Black
VESA mount: (Yes) 100 x 100mm
Weight (approximately): 6.17 kg, 8.26 kg (with stand)

Overall, the Acer ConceptD CP7 is the perfect solution for professionals. It has everything that is required to work regardless of the field of activity, whether it is working with 2D or 3D, photos or videos.
To all of the above, you should also add support for high refresh rates and full support for NVIDIA G-Sync – Ultimate. This will allow you to work with 3D content without any gaps and with maximum image quality.
What is pleasantly surprising is the price. It is much smaller than other models with such characteristics. Learn more from our technical experts.

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