Complete solutions for state-owned enterprises

Information security involves ensuring the protection of data from theft or changes of an accidental or intentional nature. The organization’s information security system is the basis for the successful development of any modern organization, including in the public sector.

What does it mean to ensure the information security of a state institution?

Information security of state institution assets includes:

  • eliminating the likelihood of unintentional or unauthorized access to information of a state institution;
  • the organization of appropriate systems and tools that impede the dissemination of personal data;
  • distribution of user access rights to operate with information;
  • creating conditions that prevent leakage, theft, loss, unintentional destruction, copying, alteration (modification), blocking and disclosure of data;
  • Creation of data banks to ensure their safety, integrity, reliability and confidentiality.

We offer hardware and software designed to organize the information protection of a state institution, which are certified in accordance with the requirements of current technical regulatory legal acts (TNLA) and interstate standards.


A server for storing data is one of the most important elements in organizing the work of the entire system of a state enterprise. Thanks to modern data storage systems, the speed of information processing is increased, as well as the search for the necessary data in huge information and disk arrays.



The Data Storage System (DSS) is a comprehensive software and hardware solution for organizing reliable storage of information resources and providing guaranteed access to them. The range of application of these solutions ranges from individual servers and workstations, small workgroups (5-30 users) to large-scale enterprise systems.



Network storage solutions. In the past few months, innovations in the field of junior class network storage systems have appeared almost everywhere – from classic network storages and file servers to backup systems and DVRs. When choosing an institution’s network storage, you need to be guided by criteria such as ensured performance, guaranteed data integrity, availability and scalability, backup support and the necessary storage management tools at an affordable cost.

A safe environment is a prerequisite for the operation of state-owned enterprises.

Installing video surveillance in public institutions is a fairly effective way to monitor what is happening on the territory. The conflict can be resolved in a matter of minutes, just turn to the video archive. The level of vandalism is also reduced.

However, in public institutions, the process of selecting equipment for video surveillance can be particularly lengthy.



The requirements that are mandatory for the installation of video monitoring systems at objects of national importance include:

  • performance of work in accordance with budgetary constraints,
  • compliance with laws to prevent the dissemination of personal data,
  • ensuring the convenience of archiving and viewing video files.

Our experts will help you quickly choose modern video surveillance systems, thanks to which, the level of enterprise security will be at a high professional level.

Improving the quality of the workflow in a public institution directly depends on mobility, the quality of computer equipment and multimedia. We offer consultations of our technical experts in the selection of the necessary equipment, taking into account the rapidly changing technological progress and the transforming IT segment.

You will receive advice on choosing the best solutions that will minimize budget costs during public procurement.

Working with leading world brands, we can vouch for the high quality of the supplied equipment.

The range of equipment that we supply includes:

  • Computer equipment (PCs, laptops, monoblocks, nettops, tablets, accessories)
  • Presentation and interactive equipment (projectors, screens, interactive whiteboards)
  • Network equipment (routers, switches, access points, IP cameras)
  • Office equipment (MFPs, printers, supplies)

Strict compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of public procurement, timely and accurate implementation of the concluded contracts and agreements allows our company to be sure that we will not let the customer down, and he will be satisfied.


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