ASAP DEMO LLC is a company that has combined specialists with many years of experience and has a wide range of products from many well-known world brands in the field of information technology. Focusing its activities on advanced technologies, the company offers its customers a wide range of goods and services aimed at improving efficiency. The company contributes to the formation of IT literacy for the development of the Ukrainian economy.

ASAP DEMO LLC focuses on customer needs, does not limit the target audience and provides services to both the corporate segment and small and medium-sized businesses, choosing the best solutions depending on the specific activities of the company.



A team of specialists with many years of experience
A wide range of goods and services
Fast and efficient solution of assigned tasks

We are constantly striving to expand the range of services offered, increase the level of technical staff, master the most advanced technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to the problems of our customers in accordance with the most stringent time requirements.

We increase the efficiency and safety of our customers, using innovation as a way of doing business, which allows customers to concentrate on their core business.


Picture of Kiev office

Kiev office


 02072 Ukraine, Kiev st. Boris Gmyri 8B, 23rd floor, office No. 198

In relations with regular customers, we adhere to a flexible financial policy, use a system of special offers, conclude profitable exclusive contracts, and provide free advice on all matters of interest. Each manager of our company strives to do everything in his power to ensure that your order is completed in full and in the shortest possible time. High quality service is guaranteed by the high professionalism of each employee of our company.

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