What is IT Consulting for?


Today, computer technologies have penetrated every aspect of modern man’s lives, and we are increasingly using equipment to simplify our work processes.

But what if we don’t have the time and experience to properly automate business processes and troubleshoot our IT architecture? Not every firm has a full-time programmer, because the specialists of their business are now worth their weight in gold.

There is a need to find a good specialist to solve the technical aspects of the company. This is what ASAP DEMO technicians do.

Consulting service is an activity connected with information and consulting support of enterprises, which allows to obtain expert independent evaluation of specialists for further modernization and increase of efficiency of using information technologies in the company.

IT consulting addresses such issues as:

  • Conducting IT audit and determining the level of maintenance of the computer and its efficiency;
  • Increase of productivity of business processes of the company;
  • Ensuring the protection of corporate data and determining the cost of protecting it;
  • Reducing the cost of updating the enterprise information base;
  • Creating an IT infrastructure that will increase the efficiency of managing all processes occurring in the company;
  • Diagnosis of enterprise communications, recommendations for improving their efficiency;
  • Determination of employee productivity in the company;
  • Diagnose the performance of existing software and provide upgrade recommendations, including obtaining a high-quality IT solution for 1C.

Our services can be as:

  1. one-time assistance in solving a specific problem;
  2. a separate consultation project;
  3. complex of all services we provide.



Ordering IT consulting has many advantages. The constant improvement of information technology causes companies to change their computer hardware and software. Consulting services reduce the time for re-equipment and reduce costs. The company’s management will be able to plan the costs and take into account all the possible risks. Deposits can be made in stages, depending on the urgency of the planned changes and adjustments. The customer’s staff will be able to quickly learn how to work on new equipment and with modern programs, as consulting firms are able to train staff at the same time as the work.


Save money
Quality control of IT-structure
Uninterrupted work of the enterprise

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