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In modern IT solutions, one of the main positions is taken by the reliability of data storage and uninterrupted access to them. At the same time, the rapid growth of data volumes is the main trend in recent years in the development of IT systems.

Each IT manager has a difficult task – to organize a flexible and efficient server infrastructure that will provide your company with the necessary reaction speed to business requirements.
We offer our customers only proven solutions from leading manufacturers – HPE, Dell, which meet all the requirements for performance, expandability, availability and reliability, as well as energy efficiency. Today, standard architecture servers are becoming an increasingly massive and universal product. These are systems that are easily integrated into the infrastructure of an enterprise and have an attractive price and total cost of ownership.

Data storage systems


Dell Server Hardware

We offer Dell server solutions. The company produces rack-mount servers, servers in the Tower form factor enclosures, and blade servers, which are represented by a line of universal equipment that allows for reliable operation, data protection, and high performance. Dell equipment is equipped with an increased memory capacity, modern processors and all the necessary input-output devices that meet the highest requirements.

The PowerEdge lineup includes server solutions with simple configuration and management, the availability of scalable storage systems, in the process of creating which open standards were used.


HP Enterprise Server Hardware

The range of HP Enterprise equipment allows you to purchase servers of various performance, scalability, and availability. It offers both entry-level equipment and powerful corporate servers that can run the most demanding applications. HP Enterprise’s product portfolio includes rack-mounted servers, Tower servers, HPE Synergy, hyper-converged systems, Moonshot, converged systems, blade servers and blade systems, and server components.



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