New Year with a new partner

Hello everyone!

Today is February 1st, and it seems like a great day to start bringing you up to date with the life of our company!
On this official ASAP DEMO page, as well as on our Fb page, in the news feed, I will share the life of the company, our goals, and interesting events in the field of It, Smart city and, as much as possible, all the novelties in this area!

What’s new?

Right now I want to tell you about one already signed contract. Perhaps it would be more correct to say – a partnership agreement. For us, this is an important step – partnership with the global operator of satellite telephone communications – Iridium.

Who else does not know the company Iridium?

I’ll be happy to tell you in a nutshell.

Iridium coverage area

Iridium is a global satellite communications company that provides access to voice and data services anywhere in the world.
Through a constellation of satellites, the Iridium network connects people and devices in the most remote corners of the world – and close to home.
Just imagine! The unique architecture of the Iridium constellation makes it the only network covering 100% of the planet! The satellites are interconnected to provide a reliable, weather-resistant, low-latency connection that allows communication anywhere in the world.
And, of course, thanks to the partnership agreement with Iridium, ASAP DEMO already has some cool projects for the Ukrainian market! Which I will post soon.
Follow our news and the life of the company – we are making our world a better place, our country more progressive!

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