Microsoft has announced an update to Office 365 – Microsoft 365 with new applications and features

Microsoft has announced a new subscription, which, in essence, is a rebranding of Office 365, but includes several new features and benefits.
The subscription is presented in two versions – Personal and Family, they will be available to users from April 21 this year. Existing Office 365 Personal and Home subscribers will be automatically migrated to Microsoft 365 with the release of new versions in April.

New Microsoft Editor

Microsoft 365 Subscription includes the new Microsoft Editor. The application has received new features and has become available as an extension of the Edge browser.
Thanks to the artificial intelligence that underlies Microsoft Editor, it is a set of tools that help with grammar and provide recommendations as you type. In addition, the editor supports more than 20 languages ​​and can be used in Word, Outlook, Edge and Google Chrome.
Microsoft Editor is available to everyone who has a Microsoft account, however, subscribers to the new Microsoft 365 will be able to use the editor with more advanced grammatical and stylistic improvements.

Updated PowerPoint Presenter Coach Feature

Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to take advantage of the new PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature, which uses artificial intelligence to listen to the tone of your voice and provide real-time feedback with suggestions and tips on how to better write sentences and phrases.

Money in Excel

Money-in-ExcelThis function should greatly simplify financial management. It allows you to link bank accounts and credit card data so that Excel collects important data on income and expenses in a table and provides personalized financial analytics.
Money in Excel is an exclusive Microsoft 365 feature that will only be available on a paid basis.


In addition, Microsoft 365 includes premium templates, fonts, and icons. For example, PowerPoint Designer will automatically create a presentation design using more than 300 new templates, 8000 images, looping videos, fonts and icons, while ensuring the presentation is unique.


Microsoft is also currently working on upgrading the Microsoft Teams enterprise application. Today, it is a necessary application for remote teamwork, which allows you to chat, make calls, conduct video conferences and use other features for remote work in one application.
microsoft-teamsUpdated Teams will allow you to create groups to plan trips, create a schedule of events. Also, it will be possible to unite in group chats, conduct video calls, together make lists of tasks and set tasks for individuals. In addition, Teams will add tools for storing important information.

We, as an official Microsoft partner, will be happy to help you with the implementation and configuration of any cloud products or company updates. Contact us in any way convenient for you.


Synology DiskStation DS2020j – cloud storage and backup solution

Synology has introduced a new basic storage system that allows you to store and share any type of personal data. This NAS system provides reliable data protection and allows you to back up digital resources on PC and mobile devices at no additional cost.

What is the advantage of such a solution?

• Easy use of private cloud for all users. A file server is available around the clock for storage, exchange and backup of data.
DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system provides fairly clear operation management and speeds up the learning process.
• Convenient sharing of files. Access and data exchange on computers with Windows, MacOS, Linux and on mobile devices.
• Streaming support. Built-in multimedia server for streaming multimedia content.
• Free access to private cloud files anytime, anywhere.
• Data protection with cross-platform PC backup applications.

Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)

DSM is a network operating system that provides private cloud services. The multitasking web interface allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously in one browser tab and instantly switch between them. This DSM interface allows you to easily configure storage capacity, provides full control over personal cloud storage and provides access to Synology NAS from anywhere in the world. The built-in Package Center allows you to download and install packages for various goals and tasks of users.

Personal Media Library

diskstation-ds2020jDS220j simplifies the management and provision of multimedia content. Using Video Station, you can create a personal digital video library with detailed multimedia information. The Audio Station has Internet radio, lossless audio support, and the ability to play music using DLNA or AirPlay® devices.
Moments is a new solution for working with photos, designed for individual use, which provides modern opportunities for viewing and searching photos, backing up photos from mobile devices, sharing photos. In addition, it is equipped with an image recognition function and the identification of similar photos.

Specifications Synology DiskStation DS2020j:

• Processor: Quad Core 1.4 GHz
• Memory: 512 MB DDR4
• Number of drives: 2
• Compatible drives:
 3.5 “SATA HDD
 2.5 “SATA HDD (with optional 2.5” holder)
 2.5 “SATA SSD (with optional 2.5” holder)
• Maximum memory capacity: 32 TB (two drives of 16 TB each), the total amount depends on the selected type of RAID array
• Interfaces
 RJ-45 1GbE LAN – single port
 USB 3.0 – two ports
• File System Internal Storage: EXT4
• Support for file systems of external drives:
 EXT4
 EXT3
 HFS +
 exFAT – option purchased separately
• Dimensions: 165 x 100 x 225.5 mm
• Weight: 800 g
• Cooling fan: Ø92 mm

These and other features of this storage system will be described by our technical experts. Contact us in any way convenient for you.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6: what is it? And is it worth going over?

The Wi-Fi 6 standard, also known as 802.11ax, is the new generation of Wi-Fi and the next step on the path to new achievements and innovations.

Why wifi 6?

The Wi-Fi Alliance uses the term Wi-Fi 6 to refer to the IEEE 802.11ax standard, which means the sixth generation Wi-Fi standard. This was done to simplify marketing ads and improve the performance of 802.11ax standard positioning. Or, more simply, such a standard name is more understandable for a wide audience.

Wi-Fi Benefits

Thanks to Wi-Fi 6, enterprises will be able to support new applications on their existing wireless LAN infrastructure and at the same time serve older applications at a higher level. This provides opportunities for the development of new business models and increase the level of Wi-Fi implementation.

Wi-Fi 6 is a pretty high leap compared to its predecessors thanks to the following key innovations:

  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) is a technology that allows you to increase modulation density and increase speed by more than 35%. In this way, OFDMA improves efficiency and minimizes signal delay.
  • Collaboration of MU-MIMO and OFDMA. In Wi-Fi 5, MIMO enabled four clients to stream data. In Wi-Fi 6, the number of possible connections was increased to eight.
    MU-MIMO systems together with OFDMA will help organize multi-user data transfer at a speed of up to 11 Gb / s on the downlink.
  • Target Wake Time function. It will allow devices to go into sleep mode and exit it on a schedule. Also, the function determines when the gadget works, and when not. And if for some period of time he didn’t take any actions, then the Wi-Fi connection automatically stops, which saves battery power and reduces network congestion.

The new Wi-Fi 6 has many advantages over previous wireless protocols. As in all previous versions, each had the best speed and security that was felt with each update.

Should I switch to Wi-Fi6?

Depending on how busy the office or enterprise is, you may not need to update your router and Wi-Fi adapters unless higher speed and security are required.
However, if you have an older Wi-Fi 4 router, upgrading to a new device will be a big advantage.

Where will Wi-Fi 6 be used?

The developers claim that the technology will be useful when deploying Wi-Fi networks with high density. Separate solutions, such as MU-MIMO and OFDMA, will improve the quality of communications in public transport, the corporate environment, trading floors and other large premises. However, keep in mind that if you bought a new router with Wi-Fi 6, but your device only supports Wi-Fi 5, then to switch to a new generation of wireless communications, you need to change all the hardware.

Basically, devices with Wi-Fi 6 support will massively enter the market this spring. Therefore, stay tuned and if you have any questions, please contact our technical experts. We can not only answer all your questions, but also select the best devices for your premises.


Aruba RAP – the perfect solution for remote work

An outbreak of coronavirus in the world continues to have a negative impact on all aspects of human life and activity. More and more large enterprises are switching to remote work, and their managers are wondering: how to set up remote work quickly and safely?

Aruba Solutions for Remote Users

There are 4 options for connecting remote users:

  1. Via mobile controller
  2. Via an access point in RAP mode
  3. Via VPN Client VIA
  4. Via Access Point in Instant AP (IAP) VPN

Remote Access-Points (RAR) mode is the easiest and most affordable way to connect remote users.

How it works?

  • the user receives in the office an access point configured for RAP mode
  • comes home and connects the point with a cable to his router
  • after which he has a corporate SSID, to which he connects as in the office.

Features of RAP:

  • It does not require any additional action from the user. The SSID and connection are the same as in the office.
  • Plug & Play is a solution that allows the user to connect a point to a home router.
  • No need VPN client on PC or smartphone
  • Setup is done only once at the central office
  • A point can be moved from one place to another
  • Only LIC AP Access Point License Required
  • Traditionally, three SSIDs are offered: Corporate, Voice, Guest / Home.

RAP workflow:

Solution Components Access Points in RAP Mode:


Aruba RAP AP-303H Series

ArubaRAPThis access point combines wireless and wired access in one compact device. It is ideal for healthcare facilities, hotels, large audiences, offices, and remote workstations that require flexible and easy deployment options.

Three local Gigabit Ethernet ports are available to reliably connect wired devices to the network. One of these ports is also capable of supplying PoE power to the connected device.


  • Wave 2: MU-MIMO
  • Built-in BLE
  • Three local GbE ports, POE-PSE (802.3af), one of them has a pass-through port
  • USB host, TPM
  • Enhanced Encryption Performance: 100 Mbps
  • Unified AP platform for or without controller deployment.

Aruba RAP Series AP-203R (P)

This compact, cost-effective remote access point has a software configuration that allows you to work either in 1×1 dual radio mode or in 2×2 single radio mode.

Managed by the Aruba RAP AP-203R (P) mobility controller, it supports centralized configuration, data encryption, policy enforcement, and network services.

This access point offers many enterprise-class features that give remote employees the same high-quality Wi-Fi experience they get in the office.

In general, the following advantages of RAP can be distinguished:

  • Simplified End-User Access
  • Consistent security is the same authentication and encryption. The same access policy and rights used everywhere.
  • Permanent access. There are no VPN clients or additional credentials for users, which leads to fewer errors.
  • Simplified management – a single platform for any access, local and remote, with one interface.

You can get detailed advice and find out more features of remote work with the Aruba RAP solution by contacting our technical specialists.


New scanner (visualizer)

Book Scanner 16MP with image processing software


  • Type: Document Scanner
  • Colour Depth: 24 Bit
  • Type of Scanning Element: CMOS
  • Max Paper Size: A3 Size
  • Optical Resolution: 16.0M 4608*3456
  • Scan Speed: 1 Second
  • Image size: Color<300K B/W<60K
  • Sensor CMOS: 16М, ½.3 COMS
  •  Frame rate: 2304*1728-30 fps 4608*3456-8 fps
  • Scanning range: Documents ,invoices,Bills,Color papers,books,3D real objects et
  • Application:
    School, office,government
  • Single package size: 24X50X40 cm
  • Single gross weight:3.000 kg

16MP HD Camera

Image quality is always the first thing JoyUsing pursues, therefore BookScan is armed with a 16.0 MP SONY HD camera, and an industrial grade CMOS.


High-Speed Processor & 1/2.3″ CMOS

BookScan is powered by a robust 32-bit MIPS CPU, scanning an unfolded 2 pages, it takes just about 1.5s, in other words, it could realize a scanning speed of 40 pages per min, that is 10 times faster than an old bulky document scanner.


Widely Available Generic Interfaces:

  • 2 USB portsV_160
  • Compatible With HDMI
  • SD slot

LED Light Compensation & HD LCD



  • Sensor: ½.3 CMOS
  • Pixel/Resolution: 16.0 мр (4608*3456)
  • Video – HD 1080P
  • Format: <A3
  • Color bit depth: 24 bits
  • Image format: JPG, PDF, PDF, Word,Excel, TIFF
  • Focus mode: Fixed focus
  • Light source Natural light and LED lights
  • LCD: 2.4″, 4:3, 320×240


  • System support: Win XP/7/ 8/10, 32/64bit
  • Power: Input:100 to 240V, 50/60Hz Output: 12V/1A
  • VGA-IN: Support DDC
  • VGA-OUT USB Interface





Among: VGA Support DDC

  • USB интерфейс:


Support USB disk\UVG\Touch Screen

Bottom: USB2.0 HOST

Support Mouse/Writing PAD

  • SD Card: Max.32G(optional)
  • Attack:

LED Light – √;

IR – √;

MIC -√;

Hand button -√;

Buzzer – √;

Foot pedal – √;

Black document pad – √.

As a Revolutionary Device, BookScan Book Scanner Comes With a Functional Image Processing Software


Distortion Correction: Crooked and distorted effect might occur during scanning process. JoyUsing V-Smart Book Scanner will detect and correct it automatically.

Flatten Curve: After shooting books, software through the algorithm to modify the remaining crimped, finally output flattened copy of the pages.

Finger Erasing/Smart Paging: Remaining finger image will be detected and erased to guarantee clear and neat input. For smart paging, it means the software can automatically cut a connected 2 pages into separated ones, which helps “bind up” a finished E-book page by page

Multiple modes of operation:new_Scan_V160

  • Flexible Functionality for All Your ProjectsSupports:
  • Hand Button,
  • Foot Pedal,
  • Scanner Button
  • Software Button to trigger scanning,
  • Page detection and Auto-Scan

Efficient OCR Technology

  • bookScannerV160All scanned paper documents could be converted to editable digital files via built-in ABBYY OCR function (Optical Character Recognition), surpporting mixed multi-language, graphic and recognition of form. It’s all for smarter scanning.
  • V-Smart Book Scanner is widely used in office documents, education and training, video presentation, digitizing books and magazines, etc. and it will bring you a high-quality and efficient life.

It’s Also Integrated With Off Line Visual Presenter

  • Latest optical zoom simulation technology, 30 frames per second, 1080P HD high speed video, integrating rich off line display function, like frame magnifying, image freezing, rotating, mirror, contrast, picture-in-picture, etc.
  • PC-free operation, live interaction video display, easily records professional videos in touch control screen, projector and electronic whiteboard.


Interested in a new scanner (renderer)? Contact us in any way you like. We are always happy to help!

Already on sale LED projector from Acer – C250i

Acer’s new LED projector is the C250i, with support for automatically switching to portable mode.

The world’s first projector to automatically switch to portrait mode Acer C250i. Without any special settings, it can transfer the contents of the smartphone screen without black bars on the sides.

Projector С250i:acerc_250i

  • displays a picture with a resolution 1920 × 1080,
  • has permission Full HD,
  • maximum Supported Resolution 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA)
  • brightness 300 lumens (ANSI)
  • contrast 5000:1,
  • number of displayed colors – 16.7 million.

The S250i supports the transmission of 100% of the NTSC color space, can work autonomously up to 5 hours and is designed to project content from a smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Thus, users can easily display vertical videos (for example, story on Facebook or Instagram). Therefore, it is fundamentally different from the current practice, when the image from a vertically oriented smartphone occupies a narrow strip in the center of the screen. Another useful feature is distortion correction, which ensures that content is displayed correctly from any angle. You can stream images either wirelessly or using HDMI, USB-C and USB-A. You can connect flash drives with video to the latter and play them directly.

Acer С250i Projector Interface and Ports:acerc250i

  • 5 W stereo speakers,
  • HDMI interface,
  • USB Type-C port,
  • USB Type-A 2.0 port,
  • Mni-jack 3,5 мм (entrance)
  • Mni-jack 3,5 мм (exit)
  • Wi-fi

In addition to rotating the image into the projector, the Acer C250i has another feature. It has an octagonal housing and just “rolling” the projector from side to side it is very convenient to change the projection angle.

Acer C250i portrait projector can be an excellent gift for personal use, as well as for general use in a team, at work, at home or on-site presentation presentations.


6 tips from Google to minimize the risks of personal data security

Every year, on January 28, starting from 2007, the International Day for the Protection of Personal Data is celebrated. This holiday was established so that network users do not forget about observing the rules of behavior on the Internet, which help to secure their virtual and real life.

Google, by tradition, in honor of Safe Internet Day, gives users tips to minimize the privacy risks of their data.

1. Store passwords in a safe place.

Google Password Manager helps you remember and securely store passwords for all your accounts in the cloud. In addition, using the built-in check, you can find out if your passwords are strong enough, or if Google finds that the passwords are compromised, they will send you a link to replace them.

2. Allow Google to automatically delete your data

Thanks to the automatic deletion of location and network activity data, you can choose the option to automatically delete your activity and location history every 3 or 18 months. Also, you can view what data is stored in your account using simple elements in your Google Account settings.

3. Use Google apps incognito

chrome-incognitoIncognito mode is one of the most popular personal data protection tool since the launch of Chrome. Last year, it was added back to YouTube and Google Maps. If you enable incognito mode in maps, then your activity, for example, the places you are looking for, will not be saved in your account. How to enter incognito mode? This can be done by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N or go to Settings and management of Google Chrome and select “New window in incognito mode.”

4. Use Chrome Safely with the Internet

Safe Browsing in Chrome protects you from harmful ads, insecure sites, and downloading suspicious files. If you use Chrome, the password protection features in it work automatically.

5. Control voice privacy with Google Assistant

Just say: “OK Google, delete the last thing I said to you” (“OK Google, delete the last thing I told you”) to delete the collected data associated with your Google account, or “OK Google, that wasn’t for you ”(“ Ok Google, this is not for your ears ”) to tell the assistant to forget what he heard if he answers something that was not really a question or request.

6. Control which ads you want to see from Google

If a particular advertisement is not relevant to you, you can block it using the “Disable this advertisement” control. And you can always control the types of advertising that you see, or ever disable the personalization of advertising in the settings.


We hope that these tips will be useful to you and your personal data will always be safe.


Microsoft Ukraine – plans for future technology and security in 10 years

The CEO of Microsoft Ukraine, Jan Peter de Jong, shared his vision for the next 10 years. Life will change dramatically thanks to IT giants, technology is changing our lives. By the way, Jan Peter de Jong, became the head of Microsoft Ukraine earlier this year.

Why did you change your activities and quit astronomy?

microsoft-ukraineI admired astronomy. I looked at very distant galaxies, observing the earliest phases of the existence of the Universe, and did not sleep, because it was so amazing. But I lacked the interaction with colleagues and clients, the dynamics, the ability to achieve goals and influence the development of the whole country that exists now.

Let’s talk about Microsoft. What products do you consider most important for your development in the coming years?

Today, Microsoft is focused on helping its customers conduct digital transformation. We provide them with the tools they need for this, such as the cloud and artificial intelligence. For example, in neighboring Poland, we helped with the transformation of the tax administration. With our help, he has a platform for filing tax returns via the Internet. This format is convenient for everyone. Citizens can fill out declarations at a convenient time, without leaving home, and in addition they have the opportunity to see their data for past years. And the employees, in turn, do not have to deal with a pile of envelopes and papers. And if you connect artificial intelligence to the work, which is able to analyze data and identify all oddities and inconsistencies in it, then with its help you can significantly reduce the number of errors in declarations and reduce the likelihood of fraud.

This is a great example of a digital transformation that facilitates the interaction between the state and its citizens, but I like the other.

Agriculture and Microsoft

I am talking about precision farming. About satellites that can take detailed pictures of the planet’s surface. Using these images, as well as probes in the ground and drones, we can provide the farmer with a clear picture of soil moisture in the field. Possessing these data, as well as a tractor with a GPS and a device for the precise planting of seeds, he can plant seeds with greater efficiency, selecting sites for them with better conditions. Indeed, some require wetter soil, while others require drier soil. This will not only increase productivity, but also reduce the use of pesticides, since plant diseases occur when they develop in uncomfortable conditions, for example, with too high humidity.

In Ukraine, which is famous for its agricultural products, this would open up great opportunities. Moreover, working with local farmers, we found that a lot of water and fuel are consumed here for field irrigation. But knowing exactly the moisture of the soil, and having a reliable weather forecast for several days, these expenses can also be reduced. We already have experience in introducing similar technologies in other countries, and we hope that the first pilot projects in Ukraine will start next summer.

Does Microsoft rely on collaboration with governments and farmers? Previously, the company was better known for products for a wider audience, such as Windows or Xbox?

This is part of our own transformation. About 6-7 years ago, we realized: no matter how good the portfolio you mentioned, we can strive for more, have more influence. Therefore, we began to transform ourselves.
At the beginning of 2020, the Edge Chromium browser will be released. What argument would you encourage users to abandon Chrome, which is the absolute market leader, in favor of the new Microsoft browser?
I would say that Chromium combines the best of both worlds: Microsoft’s experience in creating browsers and the virtues of free software. This will give the final consumer more flexibility in choosing the device on which it will be possible to use the browser, as well as more frequent updates aimed at improving security and functionality.

Microsoft recently conducted an experiment in Japan, introducing a 4-day work week for employees for a month. Do you think that companies should really give up the 5-day work week in favor of the shortened option?

I believe that in the future many companies will be able to cope with work in 4, or even 3 days, if they provide their employees with the appropriate tools. Artificial intelligence and robotics can take part of the load off people, leaving them with tasks that require inventiveness and a creative approach. So with the right technology, a shorter work week is possible. However, there is one important “but.” I believe that technology is developing very fast. To keep up with all the changes, these 1-2 free days should not be days off. They will need to be dedicated to training and development.

What technologies and gadgets will become the “hot topic” next year?

Next year will bring incredible changes, and they will be quite tangible. Technology and solutions will be based on augmented reality and artificial intelligence, combining which you can get incredible products. Already today there are applications that can not only display the names of stars and constellations on the screen of your smartphone, but even find a plane flying in the sky and display data about it. Simply point the camera at him, and you will find out where he flew from, where he was heading, and when he would arrive there. These are examples of augmented reality – an extra layer on top of our reality.
Microsoft has a vision of how this technology can benefit, for example, the same farmers. With the help of HoloLens glasses and augmented reality, they can see what disease has affected the plants on the field. Or imagine an engineer in an enterprise who needs to replace a specific pipe. On the glasses, you can display the building plan and the location of the engineer, as well as mark the very pipe that needs to be replaced. Similarly, they can help both doctors and police.
However, it is important for companies to remember that when creating such technologies, privacy and security must be paramount. Microsoft adheres to other principles: fairness, inclusiveness, reliability and transparency. This means that before these technologies all people should be equal, they should be accessible to everyone, they should not be allowed to break or be hacked, and the proposed solutions should be justified.


Even 10 years ago it was hard to imagine that people all over the world would live in social networks. What innovation, which is just emerging today, will also change each person’s life in the next 5-10 years?

It will be artificial intelligence. It is a fact? that artificial intelligence is an incredibly powerful technology. It already has an impact on the medical and transport sectors, contributes to the improvement of the environment. In the future, its development will only accelerate. She will contribute to the progress of personalized medicine, aimed at each person individually. It will help reduce traffic and emissions. And maybe even with its help, things will become more durable, because artificial intelligence will be able to predict breakdowns before they occur. Yes, and getting accessories will be easier if you use 3D printing. For example, if any part breaks down in your car, then you can not transport it from another country, but print it right here in Ukraine. The benefits of this are inexhaustible.

We thank Jan Peter de Jong for an informative interview. And in turn, we promise to monitor the development of Microsoft Ukraine and help develop our country!

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