Ukraine and Turkey have signed a free trade agreement

There is some amazing news today!

Ukraine and Turkey have signed an agreement on a free trade zone! This means that there are more new opportunities for the Ukrainian market, because Turkish raw materials imported to Ukrainian factories will be considered Ukrainian production. Sounds good and good, doesn’t it?

In turn:
  • Ukrainians will be able to export 10,337 items to Turkey with 0% duty.
  • Reduced tariff quotas will apply to 1,348 Ukrainian commodity items
  • Goods made from Turkish raw materials will be considered Ukrainian and can enter the markets of all European countries duty-free in accordance with the EUR1 certificate.
What awaits us?
  • New jobs.
  • GDP growth.
  • More sales to the world market.
  • Expand the product line to the Ukrainian manufacturer.

And on that good note, we turn on brainstorming. Let’s start with the question – how to improve our services for the Ukrainian market. And also that we can offer something useful based on this event.


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