Why hospitals needs ups?

Regardless of the quality of the wiring and power supply or weather conditions, it is very important to maintain the stable operation of all electrical appliances during operations and other manipulations in the hospital. The work of all computer systems, databases, oxygen supply devices, as well as the full operation of the operating rooms.
Reasons for providing the hospital with uninterrupted power supply systems:
• Saving lives
• Maintain uninterrupted operation of medical equipment

Today is the time!

It is time to include uninterruptible power sources in the list of an integral part of hospitals. UPS – play the most important role for the proper functioning of medical institutions, because it is here that high-quality, continuous and absolutely safe electricity supply is vital.

Also, it is worth noting that both medical equipment and its maintenance, repairs are very expensive. In addition, in the world of digitalization, sources of uninterrupted power supply for hospitals provide high-quality maintenance of data centers where patient maps, medical documentation and data processing programs are stored. UPS support the power of intelligent home management systems. Investments in the UPS system are many times less than the cost of medical equipment, but allow you to significantly extend its service life. And, of course, to exclude deaths during the operation, which depend on electricity

UPS5000-S system (50… 800 kVA)a uninterruptible power supply series


This UPS is designed for large and medium data centers.
The UPS5000-A is an online, double-conversion Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) that features high reliability, high efficiency, and high power density. The all-digital control technology provides excellent output in harsh work environments, which supplies uninterruptable power to large- and medium-size data centers.
AC power is rated at 380V/400V/415V AC for medium and large data centers, scheduling centers, control centers, and management centers.
The UPS5000-E is modular UPS, it is designed for large and medium data centers. All modules are hot-swappable, and each cabinet has a maximum capacity of 800 kVA.Maintenance or capacity expansion can be completed in approximately 5 minutes. Efficiency is 95% at 20% load and 96% at 40% load.
The UPS5000-S efficiency is 96.5% at 20% load and 97% at 40% load.

FusionPower uninterruptible power supply (1200 kVA)


FusionPower is an uninterruptible power supply (MONS) with an integrated design that saves up to 40% in space compared to parallel solutions.

Maintenance or expansion of power can be completed in about 5 minutes. Efficiency is 96 percent at 20 percent load and 97 percent at 40 percent load.

UPS5000-E Series (30 kVA to 800 kVA) UPS


The UPS5000-E series is a modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designed for medium- and large-sized data centers.

A modular hot-swappable design simplifies Operations and Maintenance (O&M), reducing maintenance time to just five minutes and greatly improving system availability. The maximum capacity of a single-node system can be flexibly expanded to 800 kVA according to your business growth, helping to reduce initial investment.

UPS5000-E series system efficiency can reach 95% at 20% load, and 96% at 40% load. With module hibernation technology, the UPS5000-E better matches the actual service scenarios of data centers, and helps customers save electricity fees.

Huawei’s modular UPS holds the largest market share in the world, and was awarded “Modular UPS Company of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan in 2016.

Uninterruptible power supply UPS5000-A (30… 800 kVA)


UPS5000-A is mainly used in critical power supply scenarios such as medium and large data centers, planning centers, control centers and control centers. It provides uninterrupted AC power supply with a rated voltage of 380 V/400V/415V.

UPS5000-A can cover power supply requirements from 30 kVA to 800 kVA and has high reliability, efficiency and power density. It adopts full digital control and IGBT kticification technology, and has passed more than 1,400 tests to ensure excellent product quality in all working conditions.

It is used in the telecommunications, financial, government, transport and petrochemical sectors to provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply for medium and large scenarios.


Ups2000-G uninterruptible power supply (1… 20 kVA)


UPS2000-G is an uninterruptible power supply (MPI) that safely provides uninterrupted, high-quality AC power in the power range from 1 kVA to 20 kVA.

UPS2000-G is an uninterruptible power supply (MOPS) that safely provides an indisputable dual conversion system with rack and tower installation capabilities with a 95% high efficiency rating, earning U.S. Energy Star certification, high-quality AC power in the power range from 1 kVA to 20 kVA.

Reliable, simple and highly efficient power protection is an excellent solution for a number of small applications, including small data centers, large branches and retail networks.

PowerPod Solution (FusionPower 6000)

FusionPower 6000


The PowerPod Solution (FusionPower 6000) integrates full-power links from the medium-voltage transformer to the load feeder, to provide MW-level integrated power supply, distribution, and backup solutions for large data centers.


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