Already on sale LED projector from Acer – C250i

Acer’s new LED projector is the C250i, with support for automatically switching to portable mode.

The world’s first projector to automatically switch to portrait mode Acer C250i. Without any special settings, it can transfer the contents of the smartphone screen without black bars on the sides.

Projector С250i:acerc_250i

  • displays a picture with a resolution 1920 × 1080,
  • has permission Full HD,
  • maximum Supported Resolution 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA)
  • brightness 300 lumens (ANSI)
  • contrast 5000:1,
  • number of displayed colors – 16.7 million.

The S250i supports the transmission of 100% of the NTSC color space, can work autonomously up to 5 hours and is designed to project content from a smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Thus, users can easily display vertical videos (for example, story on Facebook or Instagram). Therefore, it is fundamentally different from the current practice, when the image from a vertically oriented smartphone occupies a narrow strip in the center of the screen. Another useful feature is distortion correction, which ensures that content is displayed correctly from any angle. You can stream images either wirelessly or using HDMI, USB-C and USB-A. You can connect flash drives with video to the latter and play them directly.

Acer С250i Projector Interface and Ports:acerc250i

  • 5 W stereo speakers,
  • HDMI interface,
  • USB Type-C port,
  • USB Type-A 2.0 port,
  • Mni-jack 3,5 мм (entrance)
  • Mni-jack 3,5 мм (exit)
  • Wi-fi

In addition to rotating the image into the projector, the Acer C250i has another feature. It has an octagonal housing and just “rolling” the projector from side to side it is very convenient to change the projection angle.

Acer C250i portrait projector can be an excellent gift for personal use, as well as for general use in a team, at work, at home or on-site presentation presentations.


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