Nettop Acer Veriton N4660G – the best solution for the corporate and public sectors

The Veriton N computer lineup consists of functional devices designed to be as compact as possible while maintaining high performance in office and corporate tasks.

Analyzing the modern market, we can safely say that the Acer Veriton N4660G is one of the most popular nettops in its niche. More and more users want to buy a compact device that will allow you to work quickly and comfortably.

Key benefits of the Acer Veriton N4660GAcer-Veriton-N4660G

  • Ultra-compact body

The PC will free up space on the table and will be a great addition to any workplace. VESA Mount Kit is a mounting mount that allows you to easily fix the nettop on the back of the monitor, eliminating the need for extra wires.

  • Performance

The performance of this model is provided by powerful desktop processors of the 8th and 9th generation, fast NVMe SSD drives (it is possible to install two such drives at once and an additional HDD) and up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory, which is more than enough to work with documents, browser, use of various applications and storage of a large amount of data.

  • Security

Trusted Platform module provides reliable protection of personal data. A secure cryptographic scheme allows you to save authentication passwords, certificates or encryption keys, and not worry about their security.

  • Expansion options

Thanks to the well-thought-out housing design, you can easily access the hard drive or expand the RAM to the maximum possible 32 GB. To do this, just slide the panel and open the system unit.

  • Efficient cooling

The design of the nettop is optimized so as to avoid overheating of the system as much as possible.

In general, such a PC is a reliable device that will ensure long and stable operation, and will also achieve maximum efficiency in both corporate and state segments.

This model has many configurations, depending on what you can buy Acer Veriton N4660G at a price of 18 000 UAH., With a guarantee of 36 months.

In order to order this nettop, it is enough to contact our technical specialists. We, as an official partner of Acer, will answer all your questions and help you choose the necessary configuration that will meet your budget and requirements.


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