Microsoft has announced an update to Office 365 – Microsoft 365 with new applications and features

Microsoft has announced a new subscription, which, in essence, is a rebranding of Office 365, but includes several new features and benefits.
The subscription is presented in two versions – Personal and Family, they will be available to users from April 21 this year. Existing Office 365 Personal and Home subscribers will be automatically migrated to Microsoft 365 with the release of new versions in April.

New Microsoft Editor

Microsoft 365 Subscription includes the new Microsoft Editor. The application has received new features and has become available as an extension of the Edge browser.
Thanks to the artificial intelligence that underlies Microsoft Editor, it is a set of tools that help with grammar and provide recommendations as you type. In addition, the editor supports more than 20 languages ​​and can be used in Word, Outlook, Edge and Google Chrome.
Microsoft Editor is available to everyone who has a Microsoft account, however, subscribers to the new Microsoft 365 will be able to use the editor with more advanced grammatical and stylistic improvements.

Updated PowerPoint Presenter Coach Feature

Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to take advantage of the new PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature, which uses artificial intelligence to listen to the tone of your voice and provide real-time feedback with suggestions and tips on how to better write sentences and phrases.

Money in Excel

Money-in-ExcelThis function should greatly simplify financial management. It allows you to link bank accounts and credit card data so that Excel collects important data on income and expenses in a table and provides personalized financial analytics.
Money in Excel is an exclusive Microsoft 365 feature that will only be available on a paid basis.


In addition, Microsoft 365 includes premium templates, fonts, and icons. For example, PowerPoint Designer will automatically create a presentation design using more than 300 new templates, 8000 images, looping videos, fonts and icons, while ensuring the presentation is unique.


Microsoft is also currently working on upgrading the Microsoft Teams enterprise application. Today, it is a necessary application for remote teamwork, which allows you to chat, make calls, conduct video conferences and use other features for remote work in one application.
microsoft-teamsUpdated Teams will allow you to create groups to plan trips, create a schedule of events. Also, it will be possible to unite in group chats, conduct video calls, together make lists of tasks and set tasks for individuals. In addition, Teams will add tools for storing important information.

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