How to choose a graphics card for a laptop?

The video card in the laptop, as well as in the desktop PC, is responsible for processing graphics and displaying images on the screen. This is not only the calculation of graphics output and the acceleration of rasterization and texturing of triangles, but also the implementation of non-graphical calculations, which means help in processing the data to the central processor and improving the performance of the system as a whole.

Therefore, the more powerful the video card in a laptop, the more tasks you can solve on it: photo editing, video, 3D-modeling and even complex mathematical calculations.

All video cards come in two types: integrated and discrete. Video adapters built into the motherboard are called integrated. Of course, this detail cannot be replaced, and you will have to put up with the image quality available. However, this does not mean that integrated graphics cards give a bad picture. Such power is quite enough for office computers that are not designed to work with video or complex graphics.
Discrete graphics cards are the perfect solution for all gamers. They are a part that is installed separately in the motherboard. These are the most popular cards.

What to look for when choosing?

videokartaThere are several parameters on which the capabilities of the video card depend:

  • Processor addiction
  • Motherboard compatibility
  • Power Features
  • GPU
  • Type and amount of memory
  • Connectors
  • Cooling systems

Which graphics card to choose for a simple computer?

If a graphic editor is needed for a simple computer, office work, then you can safely take a budget graphics card. An inexpensive video card is not at all a sign that it is bad for work. Also, do not spend money on an expensive card for computer owners with a small diagonal and screen resolution.

Mid-range adapters are suitable for displays with a diagonal of 22 inches and more. The first rule of choice is to check the motherboard for the presence of the necessary slot for the video adapter. To find out the main characteristics of the video card to be replaced, go to the Start menu – Control Panel – Device Manager – Video Adapters.

Gaming video cards

Buying a good gaming graphics card is not cheap. Sometimes its price is ten times higher than the cost of a budget video adapter. Therefore, in order not to throw money away, it is important to consider all the requirements for this category of graphics cards.

The main requirement for a gaming video card is the balance of the proportionally powerful parameters of the video adapter and the computer itself. Good gaming graphics cards are optimized for high frame rate and high resolution display, which creates realistic details.

In general, before buying a video card, you should decide on what purpose it is needed for. And if for the user it is not of fundamental importance which company created the chip, then it becomes possible to choose among dozens of graphic adapters, most of which can serve as gaming ones, which means that it meets all the most severe technical requirements.

You can get more detailed advice on choosing a video card by contacting our technical experts.


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