Aruba RAP – the perfect solution for remote work

An outbreak of coronavirus in the world continues to have a negative impact on all aspects of human life and activity. More and more large enterprises are switching to remote work, and their managers are wondering: how to set up remote work quickly and safely?

Aruba Solutions for Remote Users

There are 4 options for connecting remote users:

  1. Via mobile controller
  2. Via an access point in RAP mode
  3. Via VPN Client VIA
  4. Via Access Point in Instant AP (IAP) VPN

Remote Access-Points (RAR) mode is the easiest and most affordable way to connect remote users.

How it works?

  • the user receives in the office an access point configured for RAP mode
  • comes home and connects the point with a cable to his router
  • after which he has a corporate SSID, to which he connects as in the office.

Features of RAP:

  • It does not require any additional action from the user. The SSID and connection are the same as in the office.
  • Plug & Play is a solution that allows the user to connect a point to a home router.
  • No need VPN client on PC or smartphone
  • Setup is done only once at the central office
  • A point can be moved from one place to another
  • Only LIC AP Access Point License Required
  • Traditionally, three SSIDs are offered: Corporate, Voice, Guest / Home.

RAP workflow:

Solution Components Access Points in RAP Mode:


Aruba RAP AP-303H Series

ArubaRAPThis access point combines wireless and wired access in one compact device. It is ideal for healthcare facilities, hotels, large audiences, offices, and remote workstations that require flexible and easy deployment options.

Three local Gigabit Ethernet ports are available to reliably connect wired devices to the network. One of these ports is also capable of supplying PoE power to the connected device.


  • Wave 2: MU-MIMO
  • Built-in BLE
  • Three local GbE ports, POE-PSE (802.3af), one of them has a pass-through port
  • USB host, TPM
  • Enhanced Encryption Performance: 100 Mbps
  • Unified AP platform for or without controller deployment.

Aruba RAP Series AP-203R (P)

This compact, cost-effective remote access point has a software configuration that allows you to work either in 1×1 dual radio mode or in 2×2 single radio mode.

Managed by the Aruba RAP AP-203R (P) mobility controller, it supports centralized configuration, data encryption, policy enforcement, and network services.

This access point offers many enterprise-class features that give remote employees the same high-quality Wi-Fi experience they get in the office.

In general, the following advantages of RAP can be distinguished:

  • Simplified End-User Access
  • Consistent security is the same authentication and encryption. The same access policy and rights used everywhere.
  • Permanent access. There are no VPN clients or additional credentials for users, which leads to fewer errors.
  • Simplified management – a single platform for any access, local and remote, with one interface.

You can get detailed advice and find out more features of remote work with the Aruba RAP solution by contacting our technical specialists.


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