Poor wifi speed? What to do to make the Internet work better?

In the modern world, the information computer network Internet has played a very important role in all spheres of life. He entered our life so tightly and for the majority has become simply necessary. For example, many users work or promote their business through the Internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that to achieve these goals you need a stable high-speed Internet connection, which allows you to work quickly without delay and damage to business.

скорость интернетаHowever, it is not always possible to achieve maximum Internet speed, but today it is especially difficult. Due to the forced quarantine in Ukraine, almost all commercial and state institutions transferred their work to a remote mode. Consequently, all those who work at home began to consume more Internet traffic. In addition, all family members were also at home: someone is engaged in distance learning, while someone just watches news or movies. In any case, the network load has increased several times.

Many Internet providers claim that during the quarantine period the amount of data transferred has increased by about 4 times. Therefore, companies are starting to expand their channels and strengthen their infrastructure.

Why is Wi-Fi slow and how to fix it?

  • Check the specifications of your router.
    Many providers can provide connection speeds of up to 1 Gb / s. However, when choosing such a provider, you must take into account the bandwidth of your home router. He may well not support such a speed. Therefore, before buying a router, you need to make sure that it can provide the maximum speed that the Internet provider promises.
  • Another possible reason for a poor Internet connection may be a speed limit; the provider’s operators could increase it as part of anti-crisis measures. You can ask this question by contacting the support service of your service provider.
  • Wrong location of the Wi-Fi router. If you have thick walls or a large room, then wireless coverage will really be bad. Therefore, try to place the router as close as possible to the place where you most often use the network.
  • Cable is the best solution. We are all accustomed to a wireless connection, because it is convenient and practical. However, if you have to work at home for a long time, and you need Internet speed now, you can lay an Ethernet cable to your workstation and connect your device directly to it.
  • The cause of a slow Internet connection may also be a virus infection on your device, and possibly even only a browser. Therefore, it is worth checking the gadget for viruses and “cleaning” it using anti-virus software such as ESET Nod32, Bitdefender, Avast, etc.
  • Often, poor Internet speeds can be caused by using an outdated version of the browser. Try to update it, or replace it with another.

скорость интернета

How to check the download speed of the home Internet?

  1. First of all, you need to test and compare the speed when connecting to Wi-Fi and directly connecting the cable to your laptop. Thus, you can eliminate the influence of the router on the connection.
  2. When testing the speed, be sure to disable all torrents, downloads, updates, and other programs that use the Internet.
  3. Make sure your device is free of viruses. Check speed also on other devices.
  4. If you can’t fix the problem from the first three points, you should call your Internet service provider and declare that the Internet speed does not match your tariff plan.
  5. If everything works directly when connected directly, it really can be in the router. Then you need to check its settings. Our technical experts can help you with this.

Therefore, a large flow of users, of course, significantly increased traffic and created problems with speed. However, it cannot be ruled out that you are using obsolete or defective equipment, and forced insulation is an excellent reason to replace it.


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