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Our company continues to respond to the inquiries of our customers despite the war in the country.

Although now there are some difficulties with equipment and supplies to Ukraine, but we are trying to find all opportunities to fulfill the tasks. There is still a demand for enterprise equipment, especially laptops and personal computers. By the way, our clients sometimes face the question of the difference between consumer and corporate solutions.

What are consumer and corporate solutions?

Consumer equipment is what users buy for home use “in the store”.

Corporate equipment – professional equipment, which is a tool that is ordered from the manufacturer of equipment for specific purposes.

The main priorities in the development of a corporate laptop – efficiency, ergonomics, reliability and stability. Each of the models closes a certain price niche, offering the buyer certain functionality for some money. Such configurations are made for users who do not have special configuration requirements.

Based on the fact that enterprise equipment is designed for reliable and long-term operation, one of the advantages is that equipment manufacturers give a greater guarantee, for example, if you buy a laptop in a store, the warranty is one year, and the corporate solution can be expanded by 5 years.

Laptop visualization

The design of a consumer laptop should be “pleasing to the eye”, it should be bright, and corporate equipment, on the contrary, should be performed under “office design”.

But when compared more globally, there is not much difference between a consumer and a corporate decision, they both have to perform their functions.

And, of course, data protection, we’ll talk about that next time. How important is data protection and what are the types.

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